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Individual Grief Counseling for both children and adults

Grief Support Groups

Ongoing Grief Support Groups

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Support Groups

Thadd’s Place is a non-profit center for grief that relies entirely on grants, fundraisers, and the generous donations from our community. 

We offer services  including individual grief counseling for both adults and children, groups, and peer support companions.

There is no charge for our services. 

Our staff is comprised mostly of trained volunteers with very big hearts. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please reach out by phone or email. We would love for you to join our team!

 Please call us to find the group that best fits your needs. 

635 W Main

PO Box 422

John Day, OR 97845


Ongoing Grief Support Group

A group for those who wish to continue supporting each other after having gone through the 12 week grief support class. Our support continues with your grief journey as long as you need us. We have 2 groups to meet your needs. One group meets once a week on Mondays, and the other group meets once a month on Thursdays.

Cancer Support Group

We understand the struggle and you are not alone

Our goal is to support one another with up to date information and to companion one another.

There is a lot of confusion and questions when one is diagnosed with cancer and it is great to have a support system of people who are walking a similar walk. Meeting every other Tuesday of the Month.

Grief Support Group

Our grief support classes are 12 week classes that use the Dr. Alan Wolfelt books to help you to understand your grief and find hope and healing for your heart. These classes are run by Michelle Gibson, our Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Keith DeHart our spiritual counselor. Both have gone through Dr Wolfelt’s training courses to better understand and help to guide you through this journey. We believe that nobody should grieve alone. Please call us to find out when the next class begins.